Moshe is a very successful rabbi of a suburban South Florida congregation. And he is in the midst of a deep, spiritual malaise. He has forgotten how to love. His wife and son send him to Israel for a month with the hope that he can recharge his spiritual batteries. And there, in a small café in Jerusalem, he meets a mathematician-kabbalist named Uri. For five days in a row, Uri tells Moshe the story of a soul. And by the end of the story, Moshe has learned how to love once again.
Based on the wisdom of Isaac Luria and the Jewish mystical tradition, The Kabbalah of Love speaks of the four worlds of creation. It also speaks of the five levels of the soul. It relates how these kabbalistic ideas are reflected in modern science – particularly relativity, quantum theory, and evolution. But at the center of the story is a lesson in love. What does it mean for one human being to connect to another in each of the four worlds? How can we love with each of the five levels of the soul?
Ancient spirituality, modern science, and the true meaning of love touch one another in this modern fable of a rabbi’s search for a purpose in life. This is spiritual fiction that is very real.

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