The Bible  – And Everything Else Under the Sun

They Are Typing From the Heart

Rabbi, you never cease to amaze me with your intelligence and knowledge, your passion and compassion. How lucky we all are to have you as our Rabbi.

Betty H
The wisdom he delivers with humility, nobility and beauty. BH

Ana C
Gold is one of the smartest people I know and I miss hearing his thoughts at our toastmaster’s meetings. I especially enjoyed his ability to integrate mathematics into theology!

Mike Caserta
So wise, so well stated, creative, down to earth—all the reasons that you not only deliver wonderful sermons and stories, but a good summary of who you are. L’Shana Tova, from Pittsburgh.

Cathy S
I moved from Florida 12 years ago, and your father is still my rabbi…and he always will be. I have always loved his sermons and learned much from them.

Susan Doe

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