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Michael Gold is a rabbi, who has been the spiritual leader of a synagogue in Florida for thirty years.  He is also a professor of philosophy and religion at Broward and Miami-Dade College.  He developed courses for Broward in religion and ethics.  Michael Gold received his PhD from Florida Atlantic University with a dissertation of process philosophy and Jewish mysticism.  He is the author of seven books, the most recent entitled Three Creation Stories; A Rabbi Encounters the Universe.

Best Sellers

By Rabbi Dr. Michael Gold

Three Creation Stories

What is reality? Is reality both mind and matter, body and soul, as taught by Western religions such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam? This is dualism, the approach of philosophers from Plato to Descartes. Or is reality only matter, as taught by many modern scientists and philosophers?

The Kabbalah of Love

Moshe is a very successful rabbi of a suburban South Florida congregation. And he is in the midst of a deep, spiritual malaise. He has forgotten how to love. His wife and son send him to Israel for a month with the hope that he can recharge his spiritual batteries.

Ten Journeys of Life

This is a book filled with practical wisdom about how to live today. It is a book on how to be fully human. An old saying goes, “Life is a journey,” but Rabbi Gold proposes that life is actually ten very different journeys. We all travel most of them and many of us travel them all, even though we may travel them in a different order.


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Gold has gone beyond traditional rabbinic scholarship to define the mysteries of creation and reality. He has synthesized in this groundbreaking, maverick book one of the best and most convincing argumenting statements for faith in G-d as the one and only True Reality. Gold’s writing is an absolute masterpiece of enlightenment and revelation for anyone searching for truth. I highly recommend this book.”

– Choy Wong, Teacher
  of Biblical Mysticism