A Rabbi Encounters The Universe

Rabbi Gold has lectured throughout the country, in Europe, and in Mexico on sexual ethics, infertility and adoption, love and family, science and spirituality, and finding a mission in life.

Now Rabbi Gold applies those years of experience to tackle today's issues.

Four Interpretations of the Genesis Creation Story

The Problem of Evil: Religion’s Greatest Challenge

The Ten Journeys of Life: Walking the Path of Abraham a Guide to Being Human (Mass Market Paperback)

And Hannah Wept: Infertility, Adoption, and the Jewish Couple (Paperback)

The Kabbalah of Love

God, Love, Sex, and Family: A Rabbi’s Guide for Building Relationships That Last

Three Creation Stories: A Rabbi Encounters the Universe

Your Soul, Its Origin and Its Destiny

Does God Belong in the Bedroom?

About Rabbi Dr. Michael Gold

Rabbi Michael Gold assumed the pulpit of Temple Beth Torah, Tamarac Jewish Center in Tamarac, Florida in 1990.  Previously, he served as rabbi of Beth El Congregation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Congregation Sons of Israel in Upper Nyack, New York.

A native of Los Angeles, Rabbi Gold received his B.A. in mathematics from the University of California in San Diego.  The Jewish Theological Seminary ordained him in 1979.  He received his PhD in the Public Intellectuals Program at Florida Atlantic University in 2016, with a dissertation on process philosophy and Jewish mysticism.  He is an adjunct professor of philosophy and religion at Broward and Miami-Dade Colleges.



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